Groupon / Living Social

 Below is how to register for class and the mandatory dress code.


1. To schedule a class, buy your certificates
2. Check the schedule for dates/times below
3. Email with all the info below:
4. Your name, Phone #, Groupon/LS/Amazon # ( Groupon # is in bottom right hand corner of voucher) (NOT THE BAR CODE) It starts with an "LG-"

Living social starts with "1000....")

5. 1st and 2nd choice of dates of class you wish to be in
6. If you have multiple certificates/people, you must include all names/certificate #’s in your email
7. You will receive an email confirmation of your class and the DRESS CODE within 48 hours.
8. Be sure to dress accordingly (see below) and bring your certificate with you to class.

 *** Remember that we have a 48 Hour Cancellation policy on all our classes......



 Those who do not conform to the dress code, WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PARTICIPATE IN THESE CLASSES.



 • Pants: Long Cotton pants (blue jeans ) —

     (no shorts, skirts, Capris, or nylon/lycra (no yoga pants)

 • Socks that cover the ankle

 • Shoes: Closed Toe Shoes(gym shoes) — no fashion boots, slippers, clogs, crocs, sandals ,slip on shoes with no back,open top shoes(your feet must be totally enclosed)

 • Shirt: Long or short sleeve cotton/cotton blend shirt — no fleece, nylon, or synthetic fabrics.

 If you have any questions, please call the studio at 847-949-0013 Reminder: Be sure to check that you have your certificate with you and the mandatory dress code.

 Parents or guardians must be present to sign waivers for children under the ages of 18. Parents or guardians must also be present for the entire class for children under the age of 16.



This offer is now over. Stay tuned for the next offer in the fall....see u then.....