Artist / owner

I have been working with glass for over 40 years. My education includes a bfa from the cleveland school of art, cleveland ohio. I have also studied extensively at the penland school of craft, penland, north carolina. Working with master glassblowers, learning their different techniques and styles, and incorporating that knowledge into my own glass artwork.

Out of all mediums, I find that glass is the most intriguing. When it’s hot, glass is soft and pliable. When glass is cold, it becomes hard and brittle. The amazing thing is that when it is hot, glass can be shaped or molded into almost anything. When it is cold it can also be shaped, ground, or sandblasted into almost anything as well. In both cases, glass could inflict an injury such as a burn or laceration.

Working with glass and all its mysterious properties is a constant challenge. I am best known for my vast experience with different techniques and styles that I showcase in my different series.

The inspiration for my different series comes from a variety of things including life experiences, scuba diving, working plant knowledge, graphic design and nature itself.

For me, glass creates an emotional response from spiritual to erotic. This can be seen in the spiritual and erotic series as well as optica and formutations. I would like other people to be able to feel these same emotional responses thru my artwork.

In the last decade, I have felt compelled to give back to the community some of the knowledge about glass and glassblowing. I have taught classes in glassblowing using the different techniques I have acquired over the years. The students come away with a better understanding of glass and its properties.

I continue to challenge myself in developing new styles and techniques to be seen in future series. Come and experience for yourself the wonders of hot glass thru your own interpretation of my work.