Fusion classes

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Classes in studio or do it at home..

There are 3 different ways to experience our Fusion Classes.
1. order a virtural fusion kit to do at home.

Order a fusion kit from our store. The kit comes complete with all the pieces needed to complete your fusion. It even includes a envelope to mail it back to us. Please be sure to fill out the form and send it back in the same envelope, so we can mail it back to you when completed. Video instructions on how to complete your fusion are below. If you have any questions, please give us a call.

Cost: $50 per kit

Purchase Now
2. Call and schedule a class here at the studio.

The Fusion Class will consist  of demonstrating how to put together your Fusion. How different pieces of glass can be layered and stacked onto your Fusion Blank to create a one-of-a-kind Fusion Piece. After you are finished building your piece, It will be fused in our kiln along with the other class pieces.

Your piece will be ready for you to pickup in 3 days after it has cooled. You will have the opportunity to make it into a pin or magnet when you take it home.

If you with to have your piece encased into a paperweight, you will need to schedule a date/time if you want to participate(extra fee), or have us do it for you(extra fee)..The Minimum number of people for this event is 6. Maximum number of people is 10(per covid rules). The cost for this event is $45.00 per person(based on 10 or more people) If there are less than 10 people the cost will be $50.00 per person. A table for drinks or treats will be available on request.

3. Encase your fusion piece into a paperweight.

After completing your fusion, you now have the opportunity to encase it in clear glass to create a unique paperweight. You have the choice of participating in creating the paperweight or have us do it for you. Please call the studio to schedule a date/time.

(extra fee for either option)