I have been working with hot glass for over 40 years. My Education includes a BFA from the Cleveland School of Art, Cleveland Ohio. I have also studied extensively at the Penland School of Craft, Penland North Carolina. Working with Master Glassblowers, learning their different techniques and styles, and incorporating that knowledge into my own glass artwork. I am best known for my vast experience with different techniques and styles that I showcase in my different series. Technical skills ranging from optical forms to fused piece work. My extensive use of techniques in hot glass come from my studies in college as an illustrator. I like to think of each piece as an illustration in itself. One way of controlling my images is to pre-fuse the decoration and incorporate that image in the piece.


Always being constantly challenged on different glass processes and techniques is reflected in the many glass styles I create. Much of my inspiration comes from nature, life experiences, and underwater experiences in scuba diving. The fluidness of glass is constantly in motion and lends a certain amount of unpredictability which makes glassblowing fun. In that last decade I have felt compelled to give back to the community some of the knowledge about glass and glassblowing. I have taught classes in glassblowing using many of the different techniques I have acquired over the years. The students come away with a better understanding of glass and its properties in the artworld. I exhibit my work all over the world. I can be seen in many Galleries across the country. I also do selected Juried art shows in the Midwest, many of which I have won awards